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Established in 1961, we have plants in Vatwa and Saykha, catering to the needs of Cotton textile, Paper, Leather, Paint, Wool, Nylon, Plastic and Ink industries through the full range of Reactive (Ushatron), Direct (Usharect), Acid (Ushacid) dyes.


With plants in Vatva and Saykha, we are successfully manufacturing a full range of Dyestuffs and Pigments with its own Copper Phthalocyanine manufacturing facility. Ushanti has a vision of becoming a leading player in the Phthalocyanine Dyestuff and Pigment Industry in Direct (Usharect) Blue 86 (SBL)*, Blue 199 (FBL)* ,Blue 87*, Reactive (Ushatron) Blue 7,14 (PGL),21 (G)*, 25 (H5G), 38 (Green 6B)*, 71, 72 (PGR)*, 77 (H2GP)*, 140(MGN), Acid (Ushacid) Blue 185* and Phthalocyanine Pigment (Ushafix) Blue 15:0, 15:1, 15:2, 15:3, 15:4 and Pigment Green 7) & Intermediate CPC Blue Crude, speciality Phthalocyanines and its derivatives including Additive Blue (heat stabilizer) and Mono Sulpho CPC for Pigments. (Product marked (*) are available in Salt Free/Collodial particle free (<50nm) Form for Inkjet Dyeing and Printing Industry.)


Minku Shantilal Gandhi
Designation: Jt. Managing Director


  • Looks after production, production schedule, new capital investments in new plants, purchase and has been instrumental in creating network of supply chain.
  • Has ensured higher productivity and instant information on any deviations in productivity.
  • Has ensured state of art plants which have increased productivity to new levels.
  • Has been instrumental in having good relationship with all stakeholder in the value chain, including various government departments.
Maunal Shantilal Gandhi
Designation: Jt. Managing Director


  • Looks after Marketing and Finance of the company and has been instrumental in creating a network of loyal customers/distributors/Agents for UCL products throughout the world.
  • From one country export, Ushanti now exports to multiple countries
  • Ensured optimal Financial management due to which the cost of debt of the company is amongst the lowest.
Arjun Gandhi
Designation: Director


  • Mr. Arjun Maunal Gandhi holds bachelor degree in Economics and Financial Management from the University of Hull, UK and Diploma in Ink technology from the Colour Society of India and is also pursuing a bachelors degree pure Chemistry.
  • He is associated with Ushanti since 2019 and he has considerable experience in the field of industrial chemistry. He is primarily involved in the R&D and quality control departments and also leads the production department of the Company.
Dr. Purvi Trivedi
Designation: Independent Director


  • Accomplished doctorate on corrosion with in depth knowledge of corrosion.
  • Attended several national and international conferences.
  • Published papers in international journals on corrosion.
Hanisha Patel
Designation: Independent Director


  • Masters in pharmacy with technical knowledge of chemical synthes
  • International Business Management with experience of ForeignTrade.
  • Business Development in Hygeia Ortho Pvt Ltd.

The production is backed up by a huge Quality Control center backed by experienced staff and Quality Control equipment like HPLC, TLC, Roto Dyeing Machine, IR dyeing machine, Automated Printing Machine, Dedusting equipment, Spectrophotometer, UV Spectro, Moeller, Solubility/Insolubility Test Machine, Cold Pad Batch and Continuous Dyeing Machine, Pulp Dyeing Machine.

Every batch and dispatch lot is properly tested as per customers' requirements and only on approval of the lots, the material is dispatched. Third-party inspections are also done on a random basis.

From a meager production of 100 MT per year in the 1990s, we now manufacture more than 4000 MT per year.
The production facilities include equipment like Glass line vessels, MSRL, Spray Driers, Rotory Vaccum Driers, SFDs, FDs, Filter presses, Closed Reactors, Autoclaves, Reverse Osmosis Systems, etc. Most of the production at Ushanti has been customised and automated for efficiency and accuracy.

The world is a Global Village. Emmisions and efflluents have an impact not just on local climatic and enviornmental conditions but also on the global scenario. At Ushanti we have installed, Clarifiers, Ammonia Strippers, Effluent treatment plants, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Scrubbers, Aerators, Venturies, Activated carbon filters, Ion exchange beds, Reverse Osmosis Machines, and other state of the art machinery to control pollution. We have also taken membership of various
CETPs, Spray Driers, Solid Waste Disposal Sites for primary, secondary, and Final Treatment of its effluents.